Meet the Fryar’s

Hey ya”ll, We are Billy and Gena Fryar

Friends we are so excited you are here. We want to share our story and our life. Billy and I were high school sweethearts. We married at a very young age, and that came with its own challenges. We had some hills and valleys in our marriage. God used a tragedy to bring restoration in our marriage. That tragedy came in the form of a car accident that almost took Billy’s life. He became a T8 paraplegic and our whole world change, BUT for the GOOD!!

In August of 2020 will mark the 20 year anniversary of that life changing event. Although most marriages do not survive spinal cord injuries, ours was healed. We keep God first in everything that we do. As we KNOW he gave us both a second chance. A second chance to be the husband and wife and parents we were created to be.

Follow along on our journey as we show you what WHEEL LIFE, looks like. We are kind of like the Marines motto ! We IMPROVISE. ADAPT and OVERCOME!